Jiotes: Everything you need to know about this anomaly and how to avoid it.

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The face and in general the skin are the letter of introduction to other people because it is the first thing that is observed when there is eye contact either in a conversation or some daily interaction that you have anywhere.

Taking care of the skin can sometimes be complicated for different reasons, either in cost, time or lack of knowledge, however it is still important and it is advisable to maintain a weekly or daily routine specifically for its care.

When there is not enough care on the skin, this can have visible consequences such as Jiotes. Do you want to know what they are? For those we are for you! In this section we have collected the best information so that you know how to avoid this anomaly and know every detail to avoid it.

What are the Jiotes? When is it common?

Before starting to define what jiotes are, we want to talk to you about dermatoses, buy Shiba which are lesions or abnormalities that can occur on the skin due to different factors, jiotes are a type of dermatosis but less chronic.

Jiotes appear as generally rounded, white spots on the body such as the face, neck, hands, and back.

This type of injury is common in children 5-12 years old who do not have proper care in sun exposure or hygiene.

Jiotes risk factors

According to the National Association of Dermatology of the United States, there are no genetic factors that have shown that it is inherited from distant or first-line relatives, but rather has to do with the following elements:


When there is no hygiene routine related to the skin, dead cells accumulate which in turn give way to bacteria that produce Jiotes such as Staphylococcus aureus, which is why it is extremely important to wash at least twice a day. the face and bathe daily to avoid its appearance, this is a proven risk factor.

Sun exposure

When there is overexposure to the sun if we do not have the correct care, skin diseases will be present when you least think about it, one of the most common injuries of the face and the rest of the skin are Jiotes.

To avoid these anomalies, it is important to take into account good sun protection and hydration with the correct levels to avoid damage to the skin.

You should know that…

Jiotes are common in people who do not have adequate skin care with a routine related to good face washing, hydration and sun protection , but it must be borne in mind that diet also plays an important role.

If you combine protecting your skin with a balanced and nutritious are confident that there will be food buy Shiba in the UAE space for this anomaly which can later bring harmful consequences . It is time to take care of yourself and prevent the Jiotes from affecting your day to day.